Multiplex Assay Technology

Multiple Biomarkers in One Test


Process samples using PictArray

PictArrays provide a complete immunodiagnostic solution to test for either a chosen panel of diseases or for multiple markers of a single disease, while enabling easy customization of the panel depending on the specific needs of the user.

Understanding PictArrayTM

PictArraysTM consist of a panel of tiny dots, each comprising reagents required for an individual test printed in the sixteen wells of a specially designed slide with eight detachable 2-well modules. Every test is duplicated in the standard layout of the panel (coloured dots in the inset). Control spots are embedded in each panel to ensure proper test performance. This feature cannot be incorporated in traditional ELISA tests. Only 50 microlitres of a highly diluted patient sample is required for testing. The image of the coloured end points is captured using the PictImagerTM or PictImager+TM , followed by image analysis with Pictorial