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IVD medical expert joins Pictor leadership team


Auckland-based biotechnology company Pictor Limited has named US-based Tadd S. Lazarus, M.D. as its Consulting Chief Medical Officer.

Dr Lazarus, who is based in San Diego, California and Austin, Texas, brings extensive experience as a Medical Director and Chief Medical Officer in the biotechnology and in vitro diagnostic (IVD)industries. He has special interests and expertise in medical diagnostics, molecular biology, medical marketing, companion diagnostics, reimbursement and regulatory affairs.

With 23 years of clinical diagnostics experience, Dr Lazarus is enthusiastic about the potential for Pictor’s novel COVID-19 antibody diagnostic making a major contribution in the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I look forward to helping shape Pictor’s pipeline of novel and clinically valuable diagnostics portfolio,” he says. “This is globally significant research with the potential to have a positive effect in defeating the pandemic.”

Dr Lazarus began focussing on the IVD sector after serving as the Medical Director of the St. Vincent’s Hospital HIV/AIDS Ambulatory Care Programs. He spent more than 12 years as North American Medical Director for Roche Diagnostics (US), focused on routinising molecular diagnostics in the care of patients with infectious diseases, with a focus on HIV/AIDS and Viral Hepatitis.

As Chief Medical Officer at Gen-Probe, now Hologic, Dr Lazarus designed a portfolio of viral infectious diseases assays that are both highly differentiated and globally accepted. As Chief Medical Officer of QIAGEN, he made significant progress on Capitol Hill with regards to appropriate reimbursement for FDA[1]approved oncology companion diagnostics.

About Pictor

Pictor was founded in 2005 by scientists, Dr Anand Kumble and Dr Sarita Kumble, who retired in 2017. Pictor has since expanded and now has 25 employees in the United States, New Zealand, Europe and India. In August 2020 Pictor established Pictor Inc. in the United States and appointed Dr Thomas Schlumpberger as its new CEO, based in San Francisco.

Pictor recently announced it has achieved a breakthrough with its COVID-19 IgG antibody test. The diagnostic test, developed on Pictor’s multiplex platform, can differentiate individuals who have antibodies arising from being infected from those who have been vaccinated. This breakthrough is attracting increased interest from US-based diagnostic labs who wish to trial the product.

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