Pictor Limited, a New Zealand based biotechnology company, has launched a ground-breaking M. bovis test for global markets.

Launch of the Pictor PictVet™ Mycoplasma bovis Multiplex ELISA Kit comes at a time when new cases of M. bovis have been found in Canterbury.

Pictor Managing Director, Dr. Jamie Platt says: “After several years in development and following extensive internal and external validation studies, we are pleased to be able to support farmers with a best-in-class test that has been extensively validated in nearly 5,000 samples, including bulk tank milk, serum, and individual milk specimens.”

“We have completed rigorous internal and external validation trials in New Zealand and Australia before launching the test. In side-by-side studies with tests currently used in both Australia and NZ markets, our test has shown superior analytical performance, particularly in bulk tank milk which is typically used as the primary screening method,” says Dr. Platt. 

Dr. Yoichi Furuya, Chief Science Officer at Pictor, commented “The Pictor PictVet™ Mycoplasma bovis Multiplex ELISA achieves superior performance by using three different antigens for detection, each optimized for the most commonly tested sample types.

We believe that with the use of our M. bovis test, farmers and testing agencies could potentially eliminate individual animals rather than entire herds. This approach not only  reduces stress on farmers but also helps minimize costs associated with control programmes.”

The manufacturing partner for the Pictor PictVet™ Mycoplasma bovis Multiplex ELISA Kit is South Pacific Sera based in Timaru and represents a great New Zealand product and partnership success story in the Biotech sector.

“South Pacific Sera is proud to apply its expertise and quality production systems to this Pictor project and the fight against M. bovis” said Dr. William Rolleston, South Pacific Sera co-founder and Production Director.

The new Pictor PictVet™ Mycoplasma bovis Multiplex ELISA kit is available and is being launched in multiple markets including Australia, the USA and New Zealand.

For more information contact Steve Richardson, Chief Operating Officer Pictor on 021 722 696, or S.Richardson@pictordx.com