PictVet™ Mycoplasma bovis ELISA

Mycoplasma bovis is a bacillus bacterium which due to its lack of a cell wall is resistant to antimicrobial treatments and usual immune system defences.  It is a primary cause of mastitis, arthritis, bovine respiratory disease, infertility, spontaneous abortions and keratoconjunctivitis. 

Infected animals experience weight loss and a significant drop in milk production.  Transmission is primary through mucosal and genital fluids.     The spread of M. bovis throughout NZ since 2017 underscores the importance of animal movement tracing, on-farm biosecurity practices, and undertaking a surveillance testing and breeding programme.  

To date, NZ is the only country to attempt an M. bovis eradication programme.  Development of the PictVet™ Mycoplasma bovis ELISA was co-funded by the New Zealand Government’s Ministry for Primary Industries.

How healthy is your herd?

Knowing when an animal is sick can be difficult.  They will mask signs of weakness for as long as they can.  Early diagnosis is key, so we’re working with industry groups and government agencies to design, manufacture and deliver innovative diagnostic solutions enabling a more informative approach to herd management and breeding programs. 

The PictVet™ Mycoplasma bovis ELISA kit utilises PictArray™ multiplexed technology to identify disease presence throughout the lifecycle of infection using multiple M. bovis biomarkers per test.

 The PictVet™ M. bovis ELISA test can provide a more informative approach to herd management and breeding programs for individual animals.

By utilising multiple biomarkers, the PictVet™ M. bovis ELISA will demonstrate superior diagnostic performance over existing single biomarker tests 


Highly sensitive testing is essential to:

  • Facilitate improved farm biosecurity and isolation practices.
  • Allow decision makers to cull infected individuals within a herd
  • Provide a confirmatory release test prior to exporting, farm to farm transportation or introducing new livestock.

 Suitable for both milk and serum samples.

The PictVet™ Mycoplasma bovis ELISA Kit is due to commence external validation and will be commercially available in early 2023.

For further information about current status and performance, please contact orders@pictordx.com

96-well plate format. Available in kits of 5 plates (static plate or 8-well slides).

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