What we do

Developing innovative diagnostic solutions enabling more informed clinical decisions for human and animal health.

Modern multiplex technology for infectious disease management.

Pictor is an in-vitro diagnostics company that offers a patented multiplexed platform for highly accurate and efficient testing of complex and infectious diseases for human and animal health.

PictArray™ multiplexed technology makes it possible to simultaneously analyse multiple disease markers in a single test – with higher sensitivity, faster throughput, and reduced turn-around time.

Our History

From start-up to global standard.

Since 2017, the Pictor team has expanded to over 30 employees between New Zealand, USA and India. There are over 400 laboratories in India that are using Pictor’s multiplexed ToRCH diagnostic to screen for maternal infections. The PictArray™ SARS-CoV-2 IgG ELISA launched across NZ and the US in November 2022.


The way forward.

Pictor is commercialising its multiplexed technology platform through the on-going development of an expanding portfolio of diagnostic test panels and validating the viability of these through sales in India and new markets from 2019. To permit this expansion, Pictor products will all be developed to meet at a minimum CE mark and in some cases FDA compliance.

As an in vitro diagnostics products company, Pictor aims to serve the needs of clinical laboratories by developing and supplying innovative and cost competitive diagnostic products. Pictor high-quality products improve laboratory efficiency and provide fast and reliable diagnostic results. The Pictor multiplexed platform enables multiple analytes to be detected from one small sample. This enables rapid diagnosis and treatment plans by simultaneously testing for multiple biomarkers.

Our Vision

Pictor's strategic vision is to be a renowned global innovator for human and animal in-vitro diagnostics.

In-vitro diagnostics are a critical component of efforts to reduce global disease burden and their use is increasingly promoted by the WHO. With the right tools to diagnose infections, patients can benefit from medical interventions to achieve improved health outcomes.

Pictor’s goal is for the company’s multiplexed platform to play an increasingly important role in achieving these outcomes through the development, manufacture and marketing of novel IVD products that meet the highest regulatory requirements.